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RC Differentials

RC Differentials

An easy way to understand them in less than 8 minutes
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RC Car Cleaning

RC Car Cleaning

RC car cleaning and maintenance basics, how to Clean you RC car
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Not a top driver?

Not a top driver?

The 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down at the racetrack.
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Beginner RC cars

Beginner RC cars

How do you choose the best RC with the multitude of choices out there?
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Off road electric RC buggy, 10 reasons to get one today

Off road electric RC buggy, 10 reasons to get into them today.

So, you are thinking about getting into off road electric RC buggies but don’t know if they are right for you.  Check out these 10 reasons and see if this category suits you.

    1. Off road electric RC buggy are available in 2wd and 4wd.   

      This means you can either choose the stability and ease of driving of 4wd version or go with the more challenging 2wd RC buggy. Furthermore if you choose the 2wd version you will increase your driving skills and that will show up all the other categories you run or race.

    2. An Electric RC buggy is quiet.

      That means that you can run your car near houses and not disturb others while you have fun any time of the day.

    3. Good for high and low grip terrains.

      Depending on where you choose to use your off road electric RC buggy, you have the option to select the motor configuration. Let me explain: When you start your research on electric buggies you will discover that the electric motor can be mounted on several locations (rear, mid or front) on the chassis. These locations can dramatically affect how your RC buggy handles. As a general rule, if you run your buggy on dirt tracks and bash around in low traction locations, you should select a buggy with rear motor configuration. As the traction increases (tracks or locations with hard packed dirt, clay or blue groove tracks) you should run your buggy with a rear or mid motor configuration. Finally, if you run your RC buggy on super high traction locations, like carpet/Astroturf tracks a mid or front motor configuration would be your best bet. The good news is, that there are several off road electric RC buggies that can have the motor mounted in two different locations. These buggies can have the motor mounted on the rear or mid of the buggy. That’s something you should consider because it gives you the option to run your buggy at several locations and tune the buggy to fit your driving style.

    4. Easy for beginners compared to nitro.

      Which means, you don’t have to go through the learning curve of glow plugs, starters, glow igniters, fuel, Venturi and engine tuning.

    5. Off road electric RC buggies can be used pretty much everywhere.

      If you swap the off road tires for all terrain tires and run stiffer suspension springs and settings you can tackle on road terrains and have fun too. On the other hand, an on road car is very hard to convert to off road use.

    6. An off road electric RC buggy is small.

      This means in needs less space (bench or table) to work on, and smaller storage compared to larger scale cars like 8th scale and 5th scale.

    7. Faster to rebuild/clean/ compared to the 8th scale buggies.

      Less maintenance more play, I mean who doesn’t want that?

    8. You can run it indoors.

      If you live in a cold environment or get lots of rain during the winter, you can run your off road electric RC buggy indoors at local tracks or other areas; everyone knows that nitro indoors in not such a good idea.

    9. Programmable ESC can set up your car to your driving style.

      This means you can adjust throttle curves, drag brake, timing profiles and much more with the programmable ESC.

    10. Minimum motor maintenance.

      Brushless require much less maintenance compared to brushed motors. This is why you get to more fun out of your RC and less time working on your off road electric RC buggy.


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RC car accessories

RC car accessories and tools you need to assemble and maintain your RC in top condition

With all the RC car accessories and tools out there how do you build your arsenal without making mistakes and buying useless stuff? You probably know that there are tons of stuff out there that is pure junk. I feel you. I can remember when I was starting out. I bought tons of stuff that was junk or simply useless.   I remember surfing the net endless hours each month, trying to get feedback and information about what RC car accessories I should get. Add this to 5 years of RC racing experience, and 5 more years of working at a local On and Off road racing track. The result is a a short cut for you. Anyway, you get the distilled version of what RC car accessories you need to look into. Shortcut your RC car accessories and tools making knowledge by reading ahead. Read More

Beginner RC cars how to choose the best

How do you choose the best RC with the multitude of choices out there?

With all the options available for beginner RC cars what do you choose?  Do you go for nitro, electric, on road, off road, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, buggies, truggies, rock crawlers or any other RC car for that matter.  And don’t forget you also have these options to consider which scale is best for you? Are you going to practice and race at a race track or bash in your back yard or park?

What do you choose?  How much money do you have to spend?  Which one is best for you?  RTR or kit? I know what it feels like, I went through this when I first got into RC back in the day.

Don’t forget to get your FREE Ebook “The Beginners Guide to Buying and Racing RC Cars”

This article will help you choose between the best beginner RC cars that are perfect for you.

  • Continue reading and you will grasp the different categories of beginner RC cars their benefits and drawbacks
  • You’ll understand if, racing or bashing in your backyard or local park is right for you
  • You will learn what the positive and negative attributes are, between nitro and electric cars
  • The perks between on-road or off-road and which is best for you


Listen, after you have read this article you will be able to pinpoint which of the beginner RC cars is perfect just for you. So let’s get started:

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RC drift car

This introductory RC Drift Car guide will show you how you can drift in 5 steps

What is RC drifting?

RC car drifting is the art of negotiating a turn with intentional over steer in a controlled course throughout a turn or a series of turns.

What do you need to drift?

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RC car tire additives

RC car tire additives are liquids that you add to your tires to increase traction which generates more grip and hopefully faster lap times.

RC Car Tire Additives

RC car tire additives can be applied is pretty easily are the process is pretty straight forward. Read More

The 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down at the racetrack

The 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down at the racetrack.

Here I will summarize the biggest mistakes most drivers make when racing and how to avoid them to run faster lap times.
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TLR, HB buggy and the new iOS7

TLR and HB buggy compared to the iOS7 realease?!

Here is an interesting article I found for you guys on RedRC.net.  A well written article from Mr. Oli Meggett compares the two new buggies that will soon be released with Apples iOS 7.  All three have generated lots of attention and hype as he mentions in the following article.


This week saw two pretty major events.  The first, the release of new software for a well-known mobile phone.  The second, the continued build up to the 2013 Electric Off-Road Worlds. OK, so those are somewhat different events, and the first likely one attracted slightly more world-wide interest than the second.  But, I believe there are actually a number of very strong comparisons we can make.  One of the big elements of the build up for the Worlds are the rumours surrounding the new 4-wheel drive cars from HB and TLR.  In a similar way to Apple’s latest Software release, all we’ve seen so far have been a few ‘teaser’ pictures, and some results from one of the cars in the hands of their expert driver.

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RC Buggy Photographs

I went to our local RC race track this Sunday to catch up with fiends and take some photographs.  I particularly like to shoot off road buggies and truggies because they are relatively large and slower compared to on road cars.  Because of their size and slower speeds around the track it’s easier and your can increase the chances of shooting “those good” pictures.  Another reason I like to shoot off road buggies and truggies, especialy if the race track is not hard packed, is because they are more dramatic if I may say.  Buggies and truggies skid, slip, over steer and flip over among other mishaps.  Off road RC’s present many shooting opportunities, I have more fun taking pictures compared to that fast paced on road RC’s.

Are there any other RC photographers out there?  What RC categories do you  prefer to shoot??

Have fun,


Pro Line Course Truck Competition

Win  your own FREE Pro Line Pro 2 short course kit.

How would you like to win your won short course truck kit?  Well now is your chance, Velocity Magazine is holding a sweepstakes on their Facebook page and the price is, you guessed it a Pro Line Pro 2 short course kit.

Here are a few features of the truck:

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Dash 4 Cash 2013 Must See Video

Dash 4 Cash a nail biting must see video from the Neo Buggy 2013 race.


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