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RC Differentials

RC Differentials

An easy way to understand them in less than 8 minutes
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RC Car Cleaning

RC Car Cleaning

RC car cleaning and maintenance basics, how to Clean you RC car
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Not a top driver?

Not a top driver?

The 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down at the racetrack.
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Beginner RC cars

Beginner RC cars

How do you choose the best RC with the multitude of choices out there?
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FPV RC car racing around the track

FPV RC car racing

Ever imagine what the view would be like to sit in your RC car and drive it? This guy put a camera in his RC car and connected the camera to his video transmitter.  Then he slapped on some FPV goggles and presto, FPV RC car racing.  This way you get a live video feed to your goggles and use your RC radio to control your RC car around the race track.

Note:  Start video at 0:37

The endless uses of RC Cars

Nitro air filter cleaning

In this article we will explore why and how you have to clean your nitro air filter.


If you are running a nitro RC car sooner or later you will have to clean your nitro air filter, hopefully sooner.  Here’s what it’s all about, a clean air filter allows more air in your nitro engine.  Everyone knows that more air equals more power, so a clean air filter is one way of getting the most power out of your engine.

How often should you clean your nitro air filter depends on where you run your car.  As a general rule, if you run your RC car on an on-road clean track you can get away with fewer cleanings.  On the other hand if you run your RC car on dirty parking lots, around the neighborhood with lots of dust or off-road more frequent cleanings are required.  The way I see it clean your air filter after the day’s end of bashing or racing so you have a clean air filter the next time out.

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RC car chase

Guys here is another great must watch RC car video, and yes it could be one of the best out there. The reason I like this video is that is show another perspective of RC cars. Some race, some drift, some bash and others make great movies. Well this is a great movie that brings more people to this great hobby.



Have your say, what do you like about this video?

Team Associated B4.2 FPV RC Buggy

Ever wonder what a 1st person view from your electric RC buggy would look like?  Well its super fast and exciting.

Notice how the front end suspension works, the slight ballooning, and the mid-air steering.

Here is a must see Team Associated B4.2 FPV 720p HD movie.


Thinking of getting into electric RC buggies here are 10 reasons to get into them today.  You could also read the post on beginner RC cars.



Off road electric RC buggy, 10 reasons to get one today

Off road electric RC buggy, 10 reasons to get into them today.

So, you are thinking about getting into off road electric RC buggies but don’t know if they are right for you.  Check out these 10 reasons and see if this category suits you.


[singlepic id=189 w= h= float=left]

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RC car accessories

RC car accessories and tools you need to assemble and maintain your RC in top condition

With all the RC car accessories and tools out there how do you build your arsenal without making mistakes and buying useless stuff? You probably know that there are tons of stuff out there that is pure junk. I feel you. I can remember when I was starting out. I bought tons of stuff that was junk or simply useless.   I remember surfing the net endless hours each month, trying to get feedback and information about what RC car accessories I should get. Add this to 5 years of RC racing experience, and 5 more years of working at a local On and Off road racing track. The result is a a short cut for you. Anyway, you get the distilled version of what RC car accessories you need to look into. Shortcut your RC car accessories and tools making knowledge by reading ahead. Read More

Beginner RC cars how to choose the best

How do you choose the best RC with the multitude of choices out there?

With all the options available for beginner RC cars what do you choose?  Do you go for nitro, electric, on road, off road, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, buggies, truggies, rock crawlers or any other RC car for that matter.  And don’t forget you also have these options to consider which scale is best for you? Are you going to practice and race at a race track or bash in your back yard or park?

If you want to go to the product recommendation page click here.

What do you choose?  How much money do you have to spend?  Which one is best for you?  RTR or kit? I know what it feels like, I went through this when I first got into RC back in the day.  Don’t forget to get your FREE Ebook “The Beginners Guide to Buying and Racing RC Cars”

This article will help you choose between the best beginner RC cars that are perfect for you.

  • Continue reading and you will grasp the different categories of beginner RC cars their benefits and drawbacks
  • You’ll understand if, racing or bashing in your backyard or local park is right for you
  • You will learn what the positive and negative attributes are, between nitro and electric cars
  • The perks between on-road or off-road and which is best for you


Listen, after you have read this article you will be able to pinpoint which of the beginner RC cars is perfect just for you. So let’s get started:

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RC drift car

This introductory RC Drift Car guide will show you how you can drift in 5 steps


What is RC drifting?

RC car drifting is the art of negotiating a turn with intentional over steer in a controlled course throughout a turn or a series of turns.


What do you need to drift?

[singlepic id=161 w= h= float=left]

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RC car tire additives

RC car tire additives are liquids that you add to your tires to increase traction which generates more grip and hopefully faster lap times.

RC Car Tire Additives

RC car tire additives can be applied is pretty easily are the process is pretty straight forward. Read More