The 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down at the racetrack.

Here I will summarize the biggest mistakes most drivers make when racing and how to avoid them to run faster lap times.

  1. Traveling a longer distance during a race than your competition will result on slower lap times. It is vital to travel the shortest distance possible around the racetrack without unnecessary turning and swiveling, the easiest way is to dive on the “racing line.” When you drive on the optimal “racing line” you travel the shortest distance possible around the track and the added bonus is that you are also on the cleanest part of the track with the most traction too.  It might not seem that those extra weaves and snaking are adding more distance to your race but when you add it up sure makes a difference.  Every little bit matters when you race.
  2. Making too many mistakes, crashing, flip over or getting stuck on the sidewalls. [singlepic id=131 w=320 h=240 float=left]No matter how fast your engine is, how good your setup, or how light your RC car is if you make a mistake, crash, or flip over your lap is gone and you can rarely make the lost time.  By the time the corner marshal puts you back in the race you have wasted valuable time so minimize your mistakes or don’t make any.  Its better to slow down a bit, remember sometimes slower is faster..
  3. Not enough practice on the race track.  Like they say practice makes perfect.  When I worked at a local race track I soon found out that the fastest guys on the track were the ones that practiced the most.  They were the first at the race track and many times they were the last to leave so they can practice as much as possible. They also used a timer when practicing to make sure they were improving their setup and lap times.  You should also practice as much as possible too.  Not only will you improve your skills but your self confidence will increase because you have total control over your RC.
  4. Setting up your RC to be super responsive on you steering input.  It is my belief that an easy RC is a fast RC around the race track.  If you are constantly “fighting” the RC or don’t have super smooth driving skills its best to stick easy setup when racing.  As mentioned before you are better off not making a mistake and being a bit slower than taking the chance and crashing or flipping over so an easy setup that is not super responsive will help you drive steady lap after lap.

If all this information is not enough and you want to maximize your RC racing, you could always check out this great guide which is highly recommended.

These are my 4 biggest mistakes that are slowing you down during your race.  If you have any other tips or advice about racing and improving lap times please feel free to add them on the comments area below.

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