Discover facts of 5th Scale RC Cars you never realized

So, you’re sick of nitro engines?

Are you constantly adjusting the idle, low and high speed needles to get the engine tuned just right?  Not to mention you’re repeating the same process every weekend, and you hit the road to have some much deserved RC fun?  On top of all that, you also need to refuel at least every 6-13 minutes cutting your driving fun just when you get into it.

What if you want to get into RC cars but cannot tune nitro engines?

So you think, heck I’ll switch to electric powered RC cars, but you’re not into constantly charging batteries and low run times. On the other hand you love the sound of an engine roaring and the sight of exhaust fumes.  If this is you read on.


Finally the truth about 5th scale RC cars

Massive run times

Since 5th scale RC cars are powered with gas, just like your real ride, plus the extra large fuel tank you can run them for 30 minutes straight minimum.  This is how it works, mix your gas with quality 2 stroke oil, fill your tank, and have engine roaring fun for at least 30 minutes nonstop.  I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Extremely realistic radio control RC cars

And there is more, 5th scale RC cars are the most realistic radio control cars out there.  When I attended the 2005 IFMAR World Championship in Switzerland as a mechanic, the race officials had us trim down the body posts extra low, to increase the realism of the category.  In fact you can find body shells that are exactly the same as the car you ride in.  That means BMW 320, BMW M5, Mercedes C Class, Audi A4, Mini Cooper, Porsche are just a sample of what is out there.  If you are an off road fan you can find trucks, Hummer, Short Course and Baja Buggy just to name a few bodies for 5the scale RC cars, plus buggy and truggy bodies that we all know from the off road nitro and electric 8th scale RC cars.

Furthermore, to add to the realism of 5th scale RC cars, there are tons of option parts to upgrade.  Imagine if you could add hydraulic disc brakes, 4 of them, one for each wheel with calipers and all, just like the car you have parked outside.  Well you can with 5th scale RC cars.


Large scale RC car FG F1

Most rewarding categories to race

If you ever thought of racing RC cars, which I highly recommend, 5th scale RC cars are among the most realistic and rewarding categories you can compete.  Usually, on road 5th scale RC cars are 2wd and run on real rubber and not foam tires.  Listen, you should play it safe during the first couple of laps until your tires are nice, warm and sticky then you are good to go.  You know what I’m talking about, what the big boys do when racing F1, and touring cars.  Coming from a RC racing background, I can assure you that there is nothing more rewarding than a “planted” 2wd RC car; the feeling is just out of this world.

No dedicated mechanic needed for 5th scale RC cars

As you read above, you don’t have to refuel every 10 minutes cutting your fun short.   Not to mention if you end up in a race track, you don’t have to ask random people to splatter your car with nitro when topping off your fuel tank for you, or deal with the dreaded climb up and down the driver stand stairs.

Large scale RC car FG F1

How you save money on fuel

Have you ever calculated how much nitro fuel costs for your RC car each year?  Now that I think about it trash that idea, I did it once and it adds up, trust me. This is where 5th scale RC cars offset their initial high purchase price.  (Present time prices range from $800 and depending on what you are looking for).  And don’t forget there is hardly any engine tuning, great sound of engine roar, exhaust fumes, and long run times of extra large fun and enjoyment.

As you have seen these are the reasons why 5th scale RC cars are getting popular. Check them out at your local hobby store or your favorite online store.

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