Off road electric RC buggy, 10 reasons to get into them today.

So, you are thinking about getting into off road electric RC buggies but don’t know if they are right for you.  Check out these 10 reasons and see if this category suits you.

RC Car Electric Buggy

RC Car Electric Buggy


    1. Off road electric RC buggy are available in 2wd and 4wd.   

      This means you can either choose the stability and ease of driving of 4wd version or go with the more challenging 2wd RC buggy. Furthermore if you choose the 2wd version you will increase your driving skills and that will show up all the other categories you run or race.

    2. An Electric RC buggy is quiet.

      That means that you can run your car near houses and not disturb others while you have fun any time of the day.

    3. Good for high and low grip terrains.

      Depending on where you choose to use your off road electric RC buggy, you have the option to select the motor configuration. Let me explain: When you start your research on electric buggies you will discover that the electric motor can be mounted on several locations (rear, mid or front) on the chassis. These locations can dramatically affect how your RC buggy handles. As a general rule, if you run your buggy on dirt tracks and bash around in low traction locations, you should select a buggy with rear motor configuration. As the traction increases (tracks or locations with hard packed dirt, clay or blue groove tracks) you should run your buggy with a rear or mid motor configuration. Finally, if you run your RC buggy on super high traction locations, like carpet/Astroturf tracks a mid or front motor configuration would be your best bet. The good news is, that there are several off road electric RC buggies that can have the motor mounted in two different locations. These buggies can have the motor mounted on the rear or mid of the buggy. That’s something you should consider because it gives you the option to run your buggy at several locations and tune the buggy to fit your driving style.

    4. Easy for beginners compared to nitro.

      Which means, you don’t have to go through the learning curve of glow plugs, starters, glow igniters, fuel, Venturi and engine tuning.[singlepic id=187 w= h= float=none]

    5. Off road electric RC buggies can be used pretty much everywhere.

      If you swap the off road tires for all terrain tires and run stiffer suspension springs and settings you can tackle on road terrains and have fun too. On the other hand, an on road car is very hard to convert to off road use.

    6. An off road electric RC buggy is small.

      This means in needs less space (bench or table) to work on, and smaller storage compared to larger scale cars like 8th scale and 5th scale.

    7. Faster to rebuild/clean/ compared to the 8th scale buggies.

      Less maintenance more play, I mean who doesn’t want that?

    8. You can run it indoors.

      If you live in a cold environment or get lots of rain during the winter, you can run your off road electric RC buggy indoors at local tracks or other areas; everyone knows that nitro indoors in not such a good idea.

    9. Programmable ESC can set up your car to your driving style.

      This means you can adjust throttle curves, drag brake, timing profiles and much more with the programmable ESC.

    10. Minimum motor maintenance.

      Brushless require much less maintenance compared to brushed motors. This is why you get to more fun out of your RC and less time working on your off road electric RC buggy.



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