RC car accessories and tools you need to assemble and maintain your RC in top condition

With all the RC car accessories and tools out there how do you build your arsenal without making mistakes and buying useless stuff? You probably know that there are tons of stuff out there that is pure junk. I feel you. I can remember when I was starting out. I bought tons of stuff that was junk or simply useless.   I remember surfing the net endless hours each month, trying to get feedback and information about what RC car accessories I should get. Add this to 5 years of RC racing experience, and 5 more years of working at a local On and Off road racing track. The result is a a short cut for you. Anyway, you get the distilled version of what RC car accessories you need to look into. Shortcut your RC car accessories and tools making knowledge by reading ahead. The good news is, if you keep reading you will learn.

  •    This guide will shed light, on the things you need to consider.
  •    The bare essentials of RC accessories and tools.
  •    Years of experience at the race track are distilled in this one article, to help you decide what you need
  •    90% of your needs will be meet independent of your chosen car category
  •    You will have the power/knowledge to make a good choice for your RC car accessory buy list
  •    You will not buy things you don’t need
  •    You will have the knowledge to choose; to make the correct choice

RC car accessories are an essential part of this hobby. You are the one who will decide what you will need as you progress in the hobby. Below, I have outlined what you should do to maximize your enjoyment of the hobby.


Everyone knows a good set of tools are essential RC car accessories and will last you for a long time. Listen, when you work on your RC you need a good set of tools, they will make your life much easier. You can always buy a starter tool-set (entry level) which includes the most important tools in various sizes, easy as that. Don’t get me wrong. Starter tool-sets are of great value, but if you invest in a top end tool-set, you could literally keep them forever.   Just make sure you buy a metric or standard set according to your RC car! Of course, if you don’t want to buy a tool-set at all, you could buy tools as you progress in the hobby. Just go over your manual and see what tools you will need to assemble and maintain your RC car. Most likely, you’ll need the following tools: Nut drives Hex drivers Ball hex drivers for those difficult to reach screws Philips screw drivers Flat blade drivers Turnbuckle tool We both know how much time we spend on our RC cars.  We constantly work on them, tweak them, fix them, change parts among other things.  The point is that you will need a quality tool set.  In the past I have worked with many tool sets.  One of the tool sets that stands out are MIP hex drivers.  The good news is they have cool, amber, beefy, comfortable handles which makes them easy to use on your RC car.  And there’s more; laser marked hex size so you can easily grab the tool you need when you need it, and a great MIP logo.  Amazon currently has them in standard size, you get four (4) drivers.  The metric tool set has (3) drivers.

Battery Charger and rechargeable batteries

You will need a battery charger and rechargeable batteries even if you run nitro/gas car. You are better off buying rechargeable batteries for your transmitter, receiver and glow plug ignition since you will save lots of money in the long run. Battery chargers come in two variations with internal power supply or external power supply. If you are just starting out in RC cars and are considering nitro or gas powered cars, I recommend you look into internal power supply battery charger. If on the other hand, you are getting into electric powered RC cars, you could consider getting a battery charger with an external power supply for more flexibility. Batteries and chargers deserve an entire post, just for themselves; to explain all the details, features and functions – such as charge/discharge current, charge power, battery type, battery count etc. Please be careful when handling and charging your batteries. Always read your chargers’ and battery manual, and be safe.

Fuel bottle

It goes without saying that your Nitro RC experience will be a lot easier and cleaner, if you use a fuel bottle to refill your car and jump back on the throttle. Furthermore, if you end up racing (which I highly recommend) you could also look into a fuel gun.

Thread lock

Everyone knows that thread lock like Loctite prevents screws from vibrating loose while you run your RC car. Having said that, you should only use thread lock on metal-to-metal screws and nuts. Medium, or blue strength thread lock will be all that you need for most applications for your RC car. Remember to use less – just a dab (much less than a drop) – on a clean metal surface and never on plastic.

Spare parts

Listen, you should have spare arms front and rear, c-hubs, drive train belts, glow plugs and various screws.   Just to be on the safe side when you go out running your RC, you should have theses RC car accessories and spare parts. The way I see it, the last thing you want is to head home too soon, because of a screw that came loose and was lost, of on account of a broken suspension arm.

Set up gear

A camber gauge, and a ride height tool are the bare essential setup RC car accessories you will need. You could always “eye” the camber and ride height of your car, but it’s better to be on the safe side and measure. A caliper is an essential tool that you will need when building your kit to measuring, this is a must have tool.

Hauler bag, for all your stuff

There are various ways to haul your gear around; from plain old travel bags to dedicated RC car hauler bags. It all depends on how much stuff you have to carry around and how organized you are. A dedicated RC hauler bag has room for your RC, tools, tires, engine and all your other RC car accessories.

Cleaning gear

When rebuilding or cleaning your RC car you will find that old rags, shirts and towels will come in more than handy. An old toothbrush will help for those hard to reach areas; the small stiff bristles of the toothbrush will clean even the stubborn dirt and grime. Cleaning putty is also useful to have, among your RC car accessories.

RC car stand

Many drivers like to include car stands among their RC car accessories. 5th scale RC car drivers, also use rotating cake stands to work on their cars. Here, again, you may use a dedicated RC car stand. Visit a hobby shop and see what suits you best or you check out these RC car stands on Amazon.  So there you have it. These are the most essential RC car accessories you should consider when you start out in this wonderful hobby. Nevertheless, there are tons more, like tire warmers, nitro engine warmers, flywheel pulling tools, piston lockers, exhaust back-pressure coolers, but the above list is a good base to get started. If you have any questions or comments please let me know.   Have fun Posts you might find interesting

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