RC Car Driving at its finest.

Now this is RC racing at its finest.  This is one of my favorite RC driving videos, I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it.  The driving precision and consistency Marc Rheinard, Barry Baker and Atsushi Hara displayed is such an inspiration to make us all better and faster RC car drivers.  I believe consistency is a key element in decreasing lap times, I mean how far up in the final ranking can you end up if you have the fastest lap of the race and at some point you flip over and have to me marshaled?

The fair play displayed is something we should all try to practice when racing.  It makes the hobby so much more fun and enjoyable which is the reason many of us have hobbies in the first place.

I really liked the fair play throughout the entire video and especially toward the beginning at 0:20.  What was your favorite moment of the video?

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