RC car tire additives are liquids that you add to your tires to increase traction which generates more grip and hopefully faster lap times.

RC Car Tire Additives

RC car tire additives can be applied is pretty easily are the process is pretty straight forward. You basically apply it on the surface of your tires with a brush or the applicator that comes with the “juice” you have. By massaging the RC car tire additives on your tire you will help penetrate the tire deeper for increased traction. On the other hand you can get all fancy and invest in a tire additive applicator tool. Please don’t forget to remove the tire additive with a clean cloth before you start using your RC, if you don’t you will initially laps you will be slipping everywhere.

Insider tip: Most of the time you will get the full benefit from RC car tire additives when used on a clean surface be that asphalt or carpet.

If this is the first time you are using tire additives it is best that you cover the complete rear tire only. Up front I suggest that you apply the additive only on half or 1/3 of the outside tire this is because you don’t want too much grip up front. You could adjust accordingly later. The more you leave the tire additives on your tires, the better result you will get and you will also benefit from longer run times with maximum traction. Some pros at our racetrack leave the additive on for up to one hour, but this depends on the effect you are looking for and the amount of traction you have where you use your RC.

Some tire additives have a quite strong smell to them but others don’t.  Keep in  mind to ask your local race track officials if you are allowed  to use additives.  Some tracks only allow the non smelling kind especially if the track is indoors.  If you race it is even more important to know if RC car additives are allowed.

These are the basic benefits of using RC car tire additives and how you use them.  How many of you have used tire additives on your RC cars?

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