Differentials, after your clutch are what distributes your engines power to the race track through you tires.


Above a Xray RC differential, Picture Source redrc.net

We all know in order to setup your RC car your tires are the most important factor.  But I ask you this.  Don’t you want to get all your engines power delivered to the ground efficiently?  Delivering your engines power to the ground is what RC differentials do and when you set they up correctly you will see a great difference in your vehicles handling.

Watch this video I found on Youtube to understand how they work and then you have the knowledge to tune your RC differentials for best performance and to transfer the engines power to the race track optimally.  Don’t let the early date of this video discourage you.  The theory is the same now matter how old this video is, especially for us RC fans because our differentials are pretty much the same as the ones illustrated in the video.

You got to love the announcers voice, what do you think?

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