This introductory RC Drift Car guide will show you how you can drift in 5 steps


What is RC drifting?

RC car drifting is the art of negotiating a turn with intentional over steer in a controlled course throughout a turn or a series of turns.


What do you need to drift?


Electric RC drift
Electric RC drift

You will need an electric powered four wheel drive RC car since it is much easier than a nitro powered one. You will also need specialized tires which are probably the most important component if you are just getting into RC car drifting. RC drift car tires are harder tires with low traction that allow you to drift with easy.

The HPI Racing Sprint 2 Drift RC cars is a great choice to get into drifting.
This RC car has everything you need to start drifting fast straight out of the box.  Its cool to drive, easy to maintain, and even waterproof.  This RC drift car features a composite double deck chassis, dual belt drive train, maintenance free gear diffs, water proof electronics for peace of mind and 2.4GHz control system.
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All you need to drift fast included in the box:
Performance driven pre-assembled chassis, transmitter and receiver, battery for your RC drift car and batteries for your transmitter.  You also get a painted, cut, trimmed replica Nissan 350z body with decals to complete this package.

Waterproof components to drift safely in any conditions
The electronic speed controller, receiver box and steering servo are all waterproof so you can drift protected from the environments elements.

What others are saying about the HPI Racing Drift car
At the time of this writing this RC drift car scores 4.8 out of 5 stars which is a very good rating.  The only thing you have to look out for is getting debris stuck in the belts which can be annoying.  As one user says “Only issue is that rocks can damage one of the belts and that belt needs to be replaced every once in a while. Other than that, no problems at all!” It is true that belt drive RC cars can be higher maintenance compared to shaft drive.  But drive shafts can generate torque steer and can also be a bit harder to drive because the power is so direct.  “An incredible R/C.  Definitely well worth the money and time spent to buy it…”  One customer said “I don’t think he’s ever had a remote control car so fast and so easy to maneuver” 

To sum up
Overall this a great RC car to drift with and has tons of upgrades available too.  If you upgrade to a faster motor and tune the racing suspension it already has you can have a go at racing too. The best thing of all is that this RC drift car is a complete package.  Everything is included in the box to get you drifting as fast as possible.  You cannot go wrong with this RC drift car

Where can you drift?

You can basically drift anywhere you like as long as you have a relatively large open smooth space. If you have access to a local on road track you can join dirt events there. When competing in these drift events you will be judged according to these criteria your racing line, speed, angle of drift among others. If no events are organized at your track you could be the one that starts the drift scene in your area!
How to drift?
If you have or plan to purchase a RC Drift car, or any other RC car, all you have to do is practice! If you don’t have a RC drift car all you have to do is change your “grip” tires to drift tires and have fun while practicing. You can start by drifting on the second half or exit of a corner.

Electric RC drift
Electric RC drift
  1. Enter the corner with your RC drift car nice and smooth.
  2. When you reach the apex of the corner accelerate hard to make the rear break loose.
  3. As the rear of your RC drift car starts to slide turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction and apply the throttle to  maintain the drift as much as you can.
  4. Then turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until you RC car evens out and exit the corner.
  5. Now you can pat yourself on the back, you just drifted with you RC car

As you become better and better at the “exit corner” RC drift, start breaking the rear of your car loose, earlier and earlier entering the corner.


By following these simple steps you will become a RC car drift master sooner than you think. Keep in mind though that it takes practice.

This concludes the introductory RC car drift guide I hope you found it useful and get out and start drifting.



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