I can still remember the first time I saw a bunch of people racing RC cars at my local racing track. Man was I excited. The next day I went to a local hobby shop asked how much one would cost, saved up the money and then purchased my first RC which was an on road HPI  road nitro kit. After that I bought the a 2-WD off road buggy because I wanted to experience the off road RC world.  When I got tired of bashing around and decided to start racing, this could have been one of my best RC decisions I ever made! The reward and experience competition racing gave was much greater, I had tons of fun and learned a lot at the race track. Because I enjoyed racing so much I purchased my first racing kit, a Mugen Seiki MTX-2, I kept racing Mugen RC’s for about 5 years and had the time of my life. I think RC racing is one of the most fulfilling, fun, stress revealing hobbies out there. When I was racing or practicing before races there was no better feeling (when my car preformed like I wanted it to) in the world.  Eventually I started working at one of our local racing tracks,  which lasted for about 5 years.  One of the most rewarding parts of my job was seeing satisfied racers at the end of the day  I mean who doesn’t want to go to the race track and leave with the feeling of satisfaction that their RC car preformed just like they wanted; a nice responsive powerful engine, smooth fast acceleration out of the turns and a confident speedy corner entrance.  Because I always loved these feelings at the race track, I tried to do what was in my power to help other racers get this satisfaction with their time at the track and RC cars.  Well that is a little about me and my racing life.  If you would like to say hi or just share your experience with RC cars I would be more that happy to hear from you.